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Syl Loves

Syl Loves Food-Blogger


Sylwia Gervais developed her passion for food in her childhood. She spent her summers at her grandmother's farm where home grown fruit and vegetables were plentiful and mornings began with eggs gathered in the barn. It was in her grandmother's kitchen that she learned how to make jam and learned the secrets of preserving vegetables for the winter.

Sylvia's childhood was idyllic and she grew up to love rural life. Now, she lives in a large city, but spends her free time in the country. Her culinary arts reflect her lifestyle. "I am not a professional cook, but love to create simple dishes out the fresh natural ingredients," she says. For her, food must be natural and free of pesticides and chemicals.

Cook books inspired her to learn photography. She admired the exquisite photographs that transported her into a dream world of delicious food. "I could already cook, so I thought photography would take care of itself," she says. She bought her first camera and simple started experimenting. She shot images every day and soon seeing the world through the lens of her camera became second nature.

Her images are shot in natural light. "It's just me, my camera and the food," says Sylvia Gervais. She also does without extensive post production. Her images are as natural and pure as the dishes she creates.

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