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Stacy Grant

Stacy Grant Food-Blogger


Photography has always been an integral part of Stacy Grant's life. She started taking pictures of animals when she was just ten years old. Later she created collages using her images as the base. The talented food photographer is also a passionate collector who loves antique kitchen equipment and retro toys, many of which appear in her photographs.

Her photographic career started some twelve years ago in a portrait studio. Later she expanded her art to include still life and lifestyle photography. But her passion for food and cooking soon dominated her list of subjects. "As I learnt more about what was involved in food photography and the skills involved, I starting writing a food photography blog where I could share my knowledge and show my work," says Stacy.

Early 2016 she became a freelance food photographer and now travels all over the United Kingdom, working with some of the best creative agencies and blue chip clients. In addition to loving food and photography she is a dedicated collector of everything from toys to vintage kitchen gadgets which she uses as props in her studio. She also has a large collection of vintage cameras. When she got married she opted for a camera instead of the traditional wedding bouquet and walked down the aisle carrying a 1950s Girl Scout camera.

Kalette-Röschen auf Holzuntergrund (Close Up) Popcorn mit gestreifter Papiertüte Munchkin Kürbis auf rustikalem Holzuntergrund mit grauer Leinenserviette Winter-Slaw mit Karotten, Rotkohl und griechischem Joghurt (Aufsicht) Frau schenkt Guinness Bier in Glas ein Japanischer Gemüsesalat mit Nudeln, Sprossen und Edamame im Glas Halber Wirsing auf blauem Stoffuntergrund