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Emma Friedrichs

Emma Friedrichs Food-Blogger


"I’m mostly blogging in a sweet and pink style, although I prefer to eat hearty.” Since the year 2014 Emma Friedrichs has been running her own blog "Emmas Lieblingsstücke” as well as excelling as a food photographer and stylist for different publishers. She loves to eat hearty, but mainly blogs sweets.

How did it come to blog? I've always been photographing and baking. To each party I bring something new or special. After the birth of my first child, I bought my first reflex camera, and now, I cannot imagine being without it. I began blogging first through Instagram. Only for fun, I uploaded my cakes there. Sometime later the people enquired about my recipes.

Your work? In the year 2014 I founded my blog and since the middle of 2015 I work as a food photographer and food stylist for different publishers. I really love everything about my job, but I like decorating and to taking pictures of cakes best.

A Fun Fact? Indeed, it is difficult for me to take photos of hearty food, probably because I do it too rarely. Therefore, most of my blogging is about sweet food and pink colors.

What about you? I’m a mum of two kids, married and 33 years old.

Pinker Smoothie mit Apfel, roter Bete und Banane Pinke Ostereier im Eierkarton auf Holzstuhl Frische Kirschen in Metallschale