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Tina Bumann

Tina Bumann


"Photos, from which mouths are watering" - Christina “Tina” Bumann from Baden is a food photographer, food stylist, and recipe developer. She lives and breathes food, from the beginning of creating and styling food to the moment she takes a picture.Her photos are on covers, in magazines, homepages and on social media channels. She just published her first book "Breakfast" with a publishing company called EMF.

What do we find on your blog "Tinastausendschön"? Great, varied recipes and a multitude of atmospheric and appetizing pictures. Photos, from which mouths are watering.

What does food mean for you? Developing the recipe, to be inspired by food shopping, to cook - easily and without chichi, then to adjust and thereby intensify the beauty and finally to give the picture composition an extraordinary character. Or just to cook for friends and family, to be a host and to enchant with passion and dedication.

Your style of cooking? Creations of long-established and varied cuisine.

Tell us more about yourself! I would describe myself as a running meter, I am a freckled sunshine, in love and married, living in the surroundings of Baden, together with my husband and cat, near Karlsruhe. Meanwhile, I speak High German fluently.

What do you like? Besides my family, cooking and photography, I love Hamburg, as well as the countries Denmark and Italy.